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What Is A Portable Brake Tester?

Some Important Information About A Portable Brake Tester For those seeking to purchase a portable brake tester, here is some relevant information that will come in handy when making the choice to purchase one. Basically in the simplest of terms, a portable break tester is a device that is powered by a battery, that can be used in any number of locations to test the efficient of a car's brakes. Portable brake testers are routinely used in government testing facilities, and auto repair garages. It's a device that can be used extremely efficiently, in a very short amount of time to determine the accuracy of an automobile's brake system. How does the portable brake tester work? Once the device is set up at the desired location and turned it, the system on the portable brake tester will automatically search for a GPS single. The test can not start until the GPS signal is locked into the device. Before the test starts, the device will ask the user for their ID number, this