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The Purpose Of A Portable Brake Tester

A portable brake tester is a device that can be carried in any type of vehicle, both on-road and off-road. A portable brake tester measures different areas of brake performance such as brake pedal pressure, stopping distance, average and peak deceleration, and much more. One of the most popular brake testing brands used to measure the different areas of brake safety is the Rx Series. The Rx Series was created and manufactured by a company called Circuitlink. The RX series is one of the most popular but one of the best brake testing portable devices on the market and the company Circuitlink is one of the best brake testing device manufacturers. There are certain qualities that a good brake testing device should have. The device should determine if brakes pass or fail the test by basing these results on the local state laws. A good break testing device should have the ability to conduct brake tests on foot brakes and hand brakes. The device should have the capability to print outcomes im