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Test Your Own Brakes In Minutes

Portable brake tester A portable brake tester is a device that checks the condition of your car brakes. A tester can help diagnose problems with both disc and drum brakes. With this tester, you are no longer dependent on auto shops or professionals for assistance. This device can be used to test your vehicle's brakes in the parking lot of the grocery store or any other place where you are stranded with a car problem. Check the condition of your car with this device You may need a brake tester if you notice your car pulls to the side under braking, or there is a shaking motion of the steering wheel. If your car seems to be stopping unusually slowly or you smell burning rubber after coming to a stop; these are all symptoms that indicate something may be wrong with your brakes. If you are uncertain whether your brakes need servicing, this device will give you an instant answer. This device tests the condition of your car's braking system in minutes. The brake tester gives you an